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What is YOUR choice in AD cmdlets?

In my article at http://www.windowsitpro.com/blogs/PowerShellwithaPurpose/tabid/2248/entryid/12960/Don-explains-EXACTLY-how-PowerShell-works-and-why-it-IS-NOT-too-complicated-for-you-to-learn.aspx, I mentioned that a lot of folks prefer the Microsoft AD cmdlets to manage AD - when they're in an environment that makes doing so possible, of course. That's been my experience with several of the companies I've done training at recently at least. Personally I've used both the Microsoft cmdlets and the Quest ones, and feel they both have strengths.

But after posting the articles I did get a bunch of emails (when I'm on vacation, no less! Ouch!) about what I said. Some folks politely disagreed, which is awesome. Others told me I was nuts! Well, that might be somewhat true. There are definitely folks who like the Quest cmdlets better. But nobody really told me why! I'd love to know, though. By sharing the "why," I can help other readers make an informed decision.

So I'm putting out the call: which set of AD cmdlet do you use? And, most importantly, WHY? Send an email to "PowerShell" at ConcentratedTech.com. I do plan to quote you in a future article, so please also include your first name (I won't include last names or companies). Also, please keep it professional - my Inbox isn't flame-retardant!

Looking forward to hearing from you - look for a "mailbag" article when I'm back from vacation.

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