What Would You Ask Microsoft?

A few editors from Windows IT Pro and SQL Server Magazine are descending on the Microsoft campus this week, and we're hoping to get the latest on some of what Microsoft is planning for 2009. Here are a few of the questions we'll be asking:

  • What's next for SQL Server 2008?
  • How will Microsoft position Hyper-V and their related products to compete with VMware's VDC-OS strategy?
  • What will Microsoft do to fend off the increasing threat from Apple and RIM in the mobile enterprise?

While we're busy getting the answers to these (and more) questions, we also want to give Windows IT Pro and SQL Server Magazine readers a chance to ask Microsoft a few questions of their own.

So this is where you come in: If you have a question you'd like us to ask Microsoft on your behalf, let us know about it. Send me an email with your question, your name, job title, city, and state, and we'll do our best to get an answer to your queries.

We'll be blogging about our visit on the Windows IT Pro and SQL Server Magazine sites, and you can also follow our Twitter feeds, which I've listed below.

TAGS: Windows 8
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