What is REXEC?

A. Windows NT/2000 ships with a command REXEC.EXE which when used in conjunction with a REXEC daemon (REXECD) can run commands on remote systems, hence the name, Remote EXECution.

C:\&gt;rexec -l [email protected] dir<br>
Password (<br>
&gt; rexec:connect:Connection refused<br>
rexec: can't establish connection

The -l is the name to use on the remote system, here I've used the Windows 200 format, [email protected], however you could also use the older domain\name format.

Notice in the example the command failed, this is because the remote machine did not have the REXEC daemon installed. This is actually a problem, Windows NT/2000 does not have a REXEC daemon, only the client. REXEC does not only work for NT servers, but also Unix, VMS and anything else that supports REXEC.

There are 3rd party solutions, see 'Q. What REXEC daemons (REXECD) are available for NT/2000?'

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