What is the Process Explorer utility?

A. SysInternals provides the Process Explorer utility, which is an amazing tool that gives detailed information about processes running on a system. You can download the tool at http://www.sysinternals.com/Utilities/ProcessExplorer.html. Once downloaded, extract it to a folder of your choice. Execute the procexp.exe image and a default view will open showing all the processes running on the system. Selecting "Show Lower Pane" from the view menu lets you view detailed information about the selected process, such as open files, registry keys, or threads, as the figure shows.

The tool highlights new processes, stopped processes, and other process types in various colors; you can configure the duration of the highlighting via the Options menu. Additionally, let's say you want to find the process for a certain application that's running. Click the "target" icon (the right most icon next to the binoculars) and drag it over the window of the application whose process you want to find and its process will then be highlighted. Take time to investigate all the tool's options because it provides huge amounts of information about processes and the system in general.

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