What Did You Get for System-Administrator Appreciation Day?

Let's see, I got a pet rock from Mike in accounting, a bag of M&Ms from Susan in human resources, and a pile of tangled cords from the CEO (typical).

What, you didn't know today is System Administrator Appreciation Day? SysAdminDay.com proclaimed July 25, 2008, the ninth-annual System Administrator Appreciation Day. Parades were held in capitals all over the world, and an MCSE from Hoback Junction, Wyoming, was given the key to the Microsoft Xbox testing-facility in Redmond, Washington.

The SysAdminDay.com website has gift ideas you can slip to your coworkers and advice for your CEO on the proper use of a Systems Administrator's time. On second thought, he might take the list seriously—better block his Internet access for the rest of the day in case he stumbles across the 35 all-too-real scenarios admins deal with.

Got some advice from personal experience? Send me your pain, and I'll post the best entries in future blog posts.

TAGS: Windows 8
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