What Con-Calls Look Like in Real Life

What Con-Calls Look Like in Real Life

It's a slow news day today, due to most of the industry world waiting for the Microsoft earnings report happening later today. So, I thought I'd share something that brings a little levity to your day.

If you've ever dialed in to a conference call remotely (and, who hasn't, right?), you understand fully some of the frustrations that diminishes the call experience. Things like dropped calls, echoes, dogs barking, and background noises really make con-calls hard to take. If you're a person who works remotely, like me, these annoyances happen almost daily. But, it's also pretty comical when you think about it.

One company, Leadercast, sponsored 4 minute video by Tripp and Tyler that shows what a con-call would actually look like if distance and technology were eliminated. The result is hilarious and stings of truth.

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