What are the directories I can have under $OEM$ for an unattended installation in Windows 2000?

A. Its possible to configure extra files for an installation that might be specific to your organization or to the hardware in the machine. These are placed under the $OEM$ directory of the I386 structure and under $OEM$ you can have the following:

\$OEM$\textmode Hardware dependant files for use during the initial Windows 2000 install and text mode setup such as OEM HAL's, SCSI drivers etc.
\$OEM$\$$ Used to replace any core system files and must match the structure of the Winnt structure. For example to replace files in the winnt\system32 directory you would create \$OEM$\$$\system32
\$OEM$\$1 Files that you want to be copied to the drive where Windows 2000 is installed (%systemroot%)
\$OEM$\<drive letter> Same as $1 but allows you to set a specific drive letter, e.g. \$OEM$\C would copy everything under it (including subdirectories) to C

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