What are the differences in storage groups and databases between the Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, Standard Edition and Exchange 2003, Enterprise Edition?

A. As the name suggests, Exchange 2003, Enterprise Edition is a more scalable version of Exchange. The table below lists the major features of both Exchange editions in terms of storage groups and databases:


Exchange 2003, Standard Edition

Exchange 2003, Enterprise Edition

Number of storage groups



Number of databases per storage group



Maximum database size (each)

16 GB

8 TB

Both versions also support an additional storage group, the Recovery Storage Group, which is a special option available when you create a storage group. Exchange can use the Recovery Storage Group to restore an entire storage group, a database, or individual mailboxes on any Exchange server in the same Exchange administrative group while the original database is still running and servicing clients, without the need to create a separate recovery server (and all the work that requires).

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