Welcome to Windows Web Solutions UPDATE

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Windows Web Solutions UPDATE (formerly IIS Administrator UPDATE)! You might wonder why the editors and authors of Windows & .NET Magazine decided to change the newsletter's name. This free biweekly email update and its parent publication, the monthly print newsletter Windows Web Solutions (formerly IIS Administrator), have evolved into a more complete resource. We know that you administer IIS, but we also realize that for most of you, IIS administration is the tip of the iceberg of your daily responsibilities. You also must perform tasks such as

  • Optimizing your Web site's performance
  • Deploying and managing a myriad of Windows .NET enterprise servers, such as Microsoft Application Center 2000, BizTalk Server 2000, Commerce Server 2000, Content Management Server 2001, Exchange Server, SharePoint Portal Server, and SQL Server
  • Managing third-party vertical industries, such as accounting, enterprise resource management (ERP), and human resources
  • Ensuring that your IIS Web servers are secure and that your enterprise is safe from viruses and intruders

The former title, IIS Administrator UPDATE, didn't do justice to all the exciting—and sometimes frustrating—technologies we help you work with. In Windows Web Solutions UPDATE, we'll continue to cover the topics we've covered in the past and provide content that's in-depth, helpful, pertinent, and up-to-date. In other words, we'll continue to bring you the information you need, such as technologies centered around Windows NT 4.0, but we'll also show you the future, which includes IIS 6.0 on Windows .NET Server and beyond. We'll delve into Microsoft technologies that don't integrate well together, such as Content Management Server 2001 and .NET. We'll show you the tips, tricks, gotchas, and dead ends you must be aware of when you integrate all these technologies in your enterprise.

Subscribers to the Windows Web Solutions print newsletter have already received the premiere issue of that publication. The issue includes articles about employing the Windows NT Load Balancing Service (WLBS), installing and configuring a Windows 2000 VPN server, troubleshooting high-CPU utilization, locking down IIS by shutting down unused services, and, of course, Brett Hill's IIS Informant—a monthly question-and-answer column generated from letters that readers like you send. My fellow print newsletter authors and I now have the added flexibility to bring you in-depth information about more diverse technologies; if you aren't already a subscriber, I encourage you to sign up on the Windows Web Solutions Web site.

Like the print newsletter, we think that the name Windows Web Solutions UPDATE better describes the goal of this update. We look forward to bringing it to you twice a month.

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