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By visiting our site, you've joined a community of more than 2.3+ million IT Pros who depend on our expert authors provide the highest quality technical content and upfront answers to the problems you face every day.

I can assure you our team understands what makes IT pros tick. In fact, when we launched in 1995, the driving reason was because the IT guy in our company wanted to learn more about this new OS called Windows NT, but he couldn't find information about it from anyone besides Microsoft. He wanted to hear the straight scoop from an unbiased source - for planning, deploying and maintaining this thing called NT. It was based on this fundamental need to help an IT guy do his job that we launched as Windows NT Magazine with a web site and a print magazine.

Now, 10 years later, I am pleased to announce our new name, Windows IT Pro, which reflects our renewed commitment to you, both as an individual IT professional and as part of the larger IT community. Under our new name and new editorial direction, you'll see lots of great editorial enhancements, but most important you will notice us getting back to what we do best: Connecting the IT Community.

You've told us that as IT professionals, you face daily technical, business, and career challenges. Windows IT Pro makes you a hero by connecting you with your peers who've done the dirty work and solved problems for you. We also connect you with third-party vendors whose products help save you time and money, and connect your needs directly with Microsoft's developers. Unlike other publications, Windows IT Pro is all about community: Our articles make your job easier with how-to content that is extensively reviewed for technical accuracy and results from real-world experience of the people who make it work. Our senior contributors are recognized industry gurus with proven track records of producing outstanding how-to content.

Under our new editorial direction, you'll notice dramatic content enhancements such as a more personal flavor to our content with a renewed focus on what you need to know to lead you to success. We have added enticing "entry points" and sidebars to help give you the technical knowledge you need in less time if you just want the high points. We also have a new focus on content to help you sell technology solutions within your company so you can better position yourself as a leader in your company. We have one goal - to make you the hero of your organization!

We've added more product coverage (more comparative and single product reviews, just like you've been asking for!) with clear recommendations and caveats, as well as new columns to aid in business decision-making, cost-justification, and career. You'll see profiles of real-world success as well as debacles that will help you avoid pitfalls and apply hard-won lessons in your own technology implementations. The project-oriented Solutions Plus articles will give you hands-on, how-to guides for solving tough problems.

In addition, we've added a new column, "Hey Microsoft!" written by Karen Forster, editorial director of Windows IT Pro (and former director of Windows Server documentation at Microsoft), that connects your concerns directly with Microsoft. You'll see articles by our highly respected and influential authors such as Mike Otey, Mark Minasi, Paul Thurrott, David Chernicoff, and Mark Russinovich. You'll also find some very impressive new writers providing added dimension with business and career coverage. Ben Smith, a senior security strategist at Microsoft, is writing a new column, "The Business End," which provides concrete methods for addressing business needs in IT, knowledge guaranteed to help you score some career brownie points with the boss!

Whether this is the first time you've visited our site, or whether you're a regular visitor, here are some important tips to help you get the most from our resources:

  • Find log-on information quickly at the top of the page and manage your account easily with fewer passwords.
  • Check out the improvements to the article feedback area giving you more opportunity to engage with your favorite authors, instantly post your comments, and even assign ratings to your favorite (or least favorite!) articles.
  • Note the related content opportunities in the issue index (we call them Learning Paths) to make sure you can easily find any related content on the topics that meets your skill and interest level.
  • Solve a problem fast by using the Hot Topics section where we've pre-selected content that will be of interest to you. You'll find relevant content about Active Directory, Exchange & Outlook, Migration, Networking, Security, Mobile & Wireless, Storage, Scripting, Web Administration, and SQL Server Magazine. Find the Hot Topic choices in a drop-down menu at the top navigational toolbar.
  • Get immediate updates on all Hot Topics via RSS feeds if that's easier for you. See the RSS icon at the bottom of the page to subscribe to the RSS feeds you're most interested in.
  • Follow Mark Joseph Edwards' Security Matters blog about SP2 and other important security issues. You can find his blog in the gray column of the home page or the Security Hot Topic home page.
  • Watch for a new community content enhancements on the Web called Interact! — giving you the chance to engage with authors, vendors and key Microsoft contacts — you'll be able to spot them easily when you see the Interact! icon.
  • Find the answers you need in our FAQ section or the Forums area… and if you feel really passionate about a topic nominate yourself to become a Forum Pro!
  • Have some fun with home technology in our Connected Home zone. You can find out what your fellow IT pros are doing in their spare time with home theaters, music, and other A/V equipment, as well as home automation and gaming.
  • Find us fast by changing your bookmark to http://www.windowsitpro.com

We're providing more great technical content than ever in all shapes and sizes… be sure to watch for new ebooks releasing every month, Web seminars, white papers, even toolkits to help you do your job. There may even be a roadshow coming soon to your city!

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We hope you enjoy the new improvements and continue to find Windows IT Pro to be your most important resource for solving your technology challenges. If you have feedback or suggestions, please send us an email at [email protected].

Kim Paulsen
Group Publisher
Windows IT Pro

P.S. Don't forget to change your new bookmark to http://www.windowsitpro.com!

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