Windows IT Pro website launch

Welcome to the New Windows IT Pro Website

As we prepared to launch this new version of the Windows IT Pro website, I started getting a bit nostalgic. You see, I’ve been with this publication since the Windows NT Magazine days. I’ve seen a lot of changes. Our web site has evolved from a repository for print magazine articles to a topic-focused hub where IT professionals can get quick answers to their technology questions, connect with experts and peers to share ideas and solutions, and access information anywhere, anytime.

Longtime readers have witnessed the changes firsthand. For a time, we changed our name with each new server release from Microsoft until we settled on the more enduring Windows IT Pro. And our website changed platforms and look-and-feel quite a bit, too. The technology, of course, has evolved. Yet some topics endure. One top story in December 1996 covers Windows NT Service Pack 2.


In June of 2000, top stories include Exchange security, the Windows 2000 Professional version of the client OS, and multibooting.


Active Directory and defending against Trojans were hot topics in 2004.


In 2008, server consolidation takes center stage and protecting against malware is still a big issue for IT pros.


By 2010, SharePoint and PowerShell had come on the scene.


And let’s not neglect storage and virtualization, which both topped headlines in 2012.


Today, cloud computing, smartphones, and tablets, grab much of the attention while topics like storage, virtualization, and Exchange are still mainstays.


Our new website offers:

  • Topic focused navigation to help you quickly drill down to the technology you need.
  • More powerful search to help you find answers fast.
  • A mobile version of the website for IT pros on the go. (Most smartphones will redirect you to the mobile site automatically. You can also get there directly from
  • Integrated Twitter feeds to help you track technology trends and conversations.

But much remains the same. We have not waivered from our original mission, to help IT professionals do their jobs. We continue to offer the most in-depth technical content and industry insights available to IT professionals working with Microsoft technology. We seek out the top experts and present field-tested tips and solutions. We cover the technology you are using today and the releases you are preparing to implement in the future.

Our content has been referred to as “nerd porn” and the UC Architects called us the Time Magazine for nerds in a recent podcast (see Episode 18). But I don’t worry that we might be too geeky for our own good. Rather, I take those comments as confirmation that we are doing our job. I hope you find this latest incarnation of our website a useful tool to help you connect and be productive. Please share your thoughts by commenting on this article, or feel free to contact me directly with your feedback.

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