Welcome to CertTutor.net!

If you've visited any of the Windows & .NET Magazine Network's training and certification sites in the past 2 days, you've noticed that we've made several major changes. The most obvious change is that we've consolidated all the previous sites—2000Tutor.com, MCSETutor.com, 2000Exams.com, and MCSELive.com—into one site with a new domain name: CertTutor.net. But don't worry—all the features and resources that you've grown to love are still there, and all the old URLs still work (they simply redirect you to various parts of the new site). We've set up the following redirects:

  • 2000Tutor.com redirects to CertTutor.net
  • MCSETutor.com redirects to CertTutor.net
  • 2000Exams.com redirects to CertTutor.net/exams, our new exams area
  • MCSELive.com redirects to CertTutor.net/forums, our new forums area

CertTutor.net has an exciting design that offers a better overall user experience and, most important, easier access to your favorite resources. Let's review some of its highlights and explore how you can make the most of the new site.

  • A new exam engine. We've completely redesigned our practice-exam engine, and we think you'll agree that it's among the best available. New features include the ability to randomize answer choices and take random or sequential exams. We'll be adding more features soon to make the engine even better. If you have any suggestions, email them to [email protected]. To check out the new engine's enhanced interface, visit the CertTutor Exams site.

  • New message-board software. We've migrated the forums to Fusetalk, which gives us several new features while retaining the functionality you're accustomed to. New features include private messaging, board customization, and the ability to subscribe to any thread—even threads that you didn't start. Have a look at the new forums, which are now known as CertTutor.net Live!, and let us know what you think.

  • A networkwide logon. You must now log on before you can take our free practice exams. However, the logon is universal, which means that you can use it to take exams and participate in the forums. If you had an MCSE Live! account, you can use those credentials at the new CertTutor site—in other words, you don't have to reregister. But if you're a new user, registering is quick and easy.


  • Better search capability. At the top of every CertTutor.net page, you'll find a search tool that lets you search within CertTutor.net (including the discussion forums) or across the entire Windows & .NET Magazine Network. This new tool is much more powerful than any search engine we've featured in the past. In addition, all articles will now have an Instant Doc ID number, which you can use to access articles quickly.

  • Easier access to popular resources. Our old sites buried some of our best features. Now, we've enhanced some of those features and made them more accessible at the new site. For example, we've updated the FAQ section and added a prominent link to the section in the main navigational menu, which appears on the left of CertTutor.net pages.

We've also revamped the Free Stuff page; a tremendously helpful resource for anyone who wants to save money while becoming certified. You can access the Free Stuff page by clicking Free Stuff under Keeping Up on the main CertTutor.net page or by visiting the following URL.

Why have we made all these changes? First, we consolidated our sites with the Windows & .NET Magazine Network's data farm to boost performance and reduce downtime. Second, we're working to become a more comprehensive certification site that focuses on more than just Microsoft certifications. The new look and domain name will help us branch out into other areas. Finally, we wanted to offer a better user experience. Let us know if we've succeeded. You can email us your opinion about the new site at [email protected], or you can visit the forums and add your comments. We welcome your feedback, and we'll do our best to incorporate your suggestions into the new site.

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