Webteacher: $50 Web Development Clinics

Looking for a low-cost training session that is still hosted by a warm body? Webteacher Software offers Webteacher Clinics, 90 minute clinics on the web programming topic of your choice. The meetings are run through GoToMeeting, but each clinic has a maximum of 16 students, so you'll have the opportunity to ask questions specific to your needs.

Below is the press release:

Online Software Clinics Prepare Workers for High-Tech Jobs in a Rough Economy
Webteacher Software has introduced Webteacher Clinics, a series of online classes for web programmers at all levels. These 90-minute classes use live instructors to teach web programming skills that are in high demand in today's tumultuous economy. Registration costs are less than $50(US) for each 90-minute Clinic, and class sizes are limited to 16 students.

Webteacher Clinics uses the popular GoToMeeting(TM) web meeting software to connect each student with the instructor. Using a computer headphone or an ordinary telephone, you can listen to the instructor, and ask questions. Unlike the fuzzy projection screens used in many computer training classes, the instructor's screen appears on each student's desktop with perfect clarity.

Each Clinic is designed to teach real-world web programming tasks that will prepare students for their current job, their next job, or for starting their own web development business. Without your spending a lot of time and money to attend an outside class, Webteacher Clinics provide critical skills in the comfort of your home or office.

Six JavaScript Clinics are offered, covering an introduction for non-programmers, cookies, AJAX, IFrames, form checking, dynamic select lists, and expanding segments and menus. Two PHP and Perl Clinics cover introductory concepts as well as regular expressions (REGEX). Three web database clinics teach MySQL, web databasing with PHP, and relational database concepts.

Clinics are offered monthly. Students need an ordinary Mac or Windows PC with a high-speed Internet connection. For the latest schedule, visit http://www.webteacher.com/clinics.

Whether you're a manager who needs an affordable way to upgrade your employees' web programming skills, a computer consultant who needs to quickly learn real-world Internet development skills, or you're unemployed and want to update your technical skills so you can land a high-paying job in today's weak economy, Webteacher Clinics deliver the computer skills that you need.

For more information, contact Webteacher Software, 5405 Alton Parkway, #5A-370, Irvine, CA 92604 USA Phone: (800) 454-4415 Email: [email protected] Internet: http://www.webteacher.com/.

-End of press release-

For more on training, see the following resources:

For more on web development,visit WinDevPro.com.

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