Web Scripting Resources

In addition to searching the Win32 Scripting Journal (http://www.win32scripting.com) and the Windows 2000 Magazine (http://www.win2000mag.com) Web sites for articles about the scripting topic you're interested in, you can check out the following resources. This list isn't all-inclusive; rather, it's simply a starting point.

MSDN Library
The Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Library contains exhaustive documentation about Microsoft's scripting technologies, including Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI), ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), Collaboration Data Objects (CDO), CDO for Windows NT Server (CDONTS), JScript, VBScript, and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). You can access this free documentation through MSDN Online (http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp), or you can purchase an MSDN Library subscription, which provides you with quarterly CD-ROMs containing the documentation (for details, see http://msdn.microsoft.com/subscriptions). After you enter the MSDN Library from the CD-ROM or the Web, you'll see a list of contents on the left side. Here are pointers to the different scripting technologies in the MSDN Library.

ADO. For background information about ADO, go to Backgrounders, Database and Messaging Services, Data Access. From this point, you can access two relevant papers: "OLE DB/ADO: Making Universal Data Access A Reality" and "Microsoft Strategy for Universal Data Access." For information about the ADO object model, go to Partial Books, Beginning Visual Basic 6 Database Programming, Chapter 11 – Universal Data Access Using ADO, The ADO Object Model. For information about ADO methods and properties, go to Platform SDK, Data Access Services, Microsoft Data Access Components, Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO).

ADSI. For information about the ADSI object model, go to Platform SDK; Networking and Directory Services; Active Directory, ADSI, and Directory Services; Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI).

CDO. For information about the CDO object model, go to Platform SDK, Messaging and Collaboration Services. From this point, go to CDO 1.2.1 or CDO for Windows 2000.

WMI. For background information about WMI, go to Backgrounders, Windows Platform. From this point, go to either Windows 2000 or Guidelines and take a look at the WMI articles in both sections. For information about WMI basics, go to Platform SDK, Management Services, Windows Management Instrumentation, WMI Application Programming, Programming Basics for WMI Applications, Retrieving a WMI Class Instance. For information about WMI's Scripting APIs, go to Platform SDK, Management Services, Windows Management Instrumentation, WMI Application Programming, Scripting API. For information about all the classes you can access with WMI, go to Platform SDK, Management Services, Windows Management Instrumentation, WMI Reference, WMI Classes.

Automation interfaces. For information about the Windows clustering automation interfaces, go to Platform SDK, Base Services, Windows Clustering, Server Cluster APIs, Using Cluster Automation Server. For information about NTFS 5.0's disk quota automation interfaces, go to Platform SDK, Base Services, Files and I/O, File Systems. From this point, go to either File System Reference, File System Interfaces or About File Systems, NTFS File System, Disk Quotas.

Other Microsoft Web Sites
The MSDN Library isn't the only scripting resource that Microsoft offers. Microsoft also maintains these scripting-related Web sites:

  • Main scripting Web site—http://msdn.microsoft.com/scripting/ default.htm
  • ADSI Web site—http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/ library/howitworks/activedirectory/adsilinks.asp
  • Universal Data Access (UDA) Web site (includes the Web pages for ADO)—http://www.microsoft.com/data
  • VBScript Web site—http://msdn.microsoft.com/scripting/default .htm?/scripting/vbscript/techinfo/vbsdocs.htm
  • Windows Script Host (WSH) Web site—http://msdn.microsoft .com/scripting/default.htm?/scripting/windowshost/docs/ reference/default.htm

Non-Microsoft Web Sites
Many non-Microsoft Web sites offer scripting-related pages. These sites include

  • http://wsh.glazier.co.nz. This site provides WSH resources, including a WSH mailing list.
  • http://www.15seconds.com. This site for developers of ADSI, Active Server Pages (ASP), and ADO scripts and pages offers an ADSI mailing list.
  • http://www.asptoday.com. This site provides ASP and ADO articles.
  • http://www.vbscripts.com. This site, which provides VBScript, ADO, and ASP information and code, includes a VBScript forum.
  • http://cwashington.netreach.net. This site is a repository for scripting solutions.
  • http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/guenter_born/ index0.htm (moving soon to http://www.borncity.de). This site offers WSH resources, including the Windows Scripting Host Tutorial, an English version of Guenter Born's Inside Windows Scripting Host, which is in German.
  • http://www.winscripter.com. This site includes WSH code samples and links.
  • http://www.getscripts.com. This site contains scripts in a variety of different scripting languages, including VBScript, Perl, ASP, htmlscript, and JavaScript.
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