Web Exclusive Vendor Briefings, July 2006

Winternals Software Manages User Privileges

Wes Miller, product technology strategist, and Denny LeCompte, product manager for Winternals Software (http://www.winternals.com) noticed some openings in the Windows market. First, Group Policy can't dynamically elevate rights, and local user privileges are often incompatible with legacy applications. In addition, the Windows environment continues to exhibit vulnerabilities, whether through unregulated software installation or users with more administrative rights than they need. Winternals filled the gaps with Protection Manager, a security solution that uses a least-privilege environment that lets you flexibly assign only the privileges users need to efficiently execute their duties.

To allocate only necessary privileges to users, Protection Manager provides four security levels: Allow, Run with Administrative Privileges, Run as Limited User, and Deny. Protection Manager protects against malware by denying any application that hasn't explicitly been reviewed and approved to run under Allow. The software eliminates the need to use Group Policy by integrating with Active Directory (AD).
–Blake Eno

SealedMedia Puts Users in Control of Their Documents

SealedMedia (http://www.sealedmedia.com) considers itself a leader in enterprise Digital Rights Management (DRM). "We've been in this space for four years," says VP of Marketing Tanya Candia. "Every company says it's the leader in its industry, but we feel we're ahead because of our customer base and product maturity." The new version of the company's product, SealedMedia 5.0, features Web-based administration tools designed to simplify enterprise deployments and make it easy for users (rather than administrators) to set up rights for documents.

SealedMedia also has a new Express line of products that targets specific business applications. The first, SealedMedia Express for M&A, helps companies going through mergers or acquisitions share confidential information with their business partners without losing control over that information. The Express line is a natural outcome of the way many SealedMedia customers deploy the SealedMedia product. "About half implement SealedMedia for a point problem, like board communications," says Candia. "Then they see the value throughout the company."
–Renee Munshi

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