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Wary of Cloud Backup? How About "Private Cloud" Backup?

According to recent surveys from leading storage and backup vendors, one of the primary concerns among IT admins regarding cloud backup is security. The fear may be unfounded, however: According to the same surveys, once a given company actually engages the services of a cloud backup provider, and lives with the new reality for a while, the fear subsides dramatically.

Still, the "fear of the unknown" can be powerful, and many businesses remain wary of handing over their data to a third party.

As if responding to such concerns, 3X Systems has introduced its 3X RBA Enterprise Series, a unique remote backup appliance. The company calls the technology behind the appliance a “private cloud” architecture, which ensures that users’ data is safe and easy to recover, yet confidential, and always under their own control. According to 3X Systems, these are "critical considerations for organizations such as those in health care, financial services, non-profit, and professional services that need to comply with regulations governing electronic data."

With 3X RBA Enterprise Series, larger distributed organizations can back up all their Windows-based servers, workstations, and laptops over the Internet to a central, easy-to-manage appliance that delivers complete data protection and disaster-recovery capabilities. Integrated de-duplication, encryption, and block-level backup capabilities mean that data changes are securely and efficiently transmitted to the central 3X RBA appliance. The Enterprise Series provides up to 10TB of usable storage.

The system offers the following features:

  • “Bare Metal Recovery”—By protecting the entire system image, including all settings, applications and data, user productivity is restored much faster after suffering data loss, theft, or corruption. In contrast, data-only recoveries require users to spend hours, if not days, reinstalling software applications and reconfiguring system settings that ultimately may never be quite the same.
  • Support for latest Exchange Server backup and “brick-level” recovery—Administrators and users can now quickly and easily recover granular data (“bricks”), such as an individual mailbox, email message, calendar, or contact, without having to recover the entire Exchange system.
  • Support for IT environments where computer resources are shared using virtualization.
  • Faster data transfer rates—3X Systems has accelerated the data transfer rate between the protected computer and the remote appliance for faster backup and recovery.

For more information about the "private cloud," check out the 3X Systems website.

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