VPN Solution - 09 Sep 2003

Check Point Software Technologies' VPN-1 solutions constitute a comprehensive set of products and technologies for remote access, intranet, and extranet VPNs. The set includes VPN-1 Pro, VPN-1 Net, and several VPN-1 clients. VPN-1 Pro is the cornerstone of Check Point VPN-1 solutions. It protects the privacy of business communications over the Internet and secures critical network resources against unauthorized access. VPN-1 Net is a dedicated VPN solution that lets organizations connect multiple offices and partners over the Internet. VPN-1 Net is a cost-effective alternative to frame relay circuits and leased lines, and provides stateful inspection-based security. The three client options are VPN-1 SecuRemote (which encrypts and authenticates data to protect against eavesdropping and data tampering), VPN-1 SecureClient (which extends the features of VPN-1 SecuRemote), and VPN-1 Client for Macintosh (which provides secure VPN access for Apple Computer's Macintosh users).

Check Point Software Technologies
Redwood City, California
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