Viewing RMS protected content

Viewing RMS protected content

Q. If I protect a file using Azure Rights Management Services (RMS) on what devices can I view that content?

A. Azure Rights Management Services (RMS) provides the ability to not only protect data but also control how the data is consumed and for what duration. For example, I can share a Word document but say the receiver can only read but not cut/paste and only for the next 2 weeks. I can also receive notifications via email or reports when Azure RMS protected data is accessed or attempted to be accessed.

Azure RMS protected content can be consumed on any environment with an Azure RMS Sharing client which at time of writing includes Windows 7 and above, Mac OS X, Windows Phone, Windows RT, Android (4.0.3 +) and iOS (7.0 +). The most recent list of clients can be found at

Note that when you share Azure RMS protected data that is an Office or PDF format you will also see a ppdf file created which is a protected version of the document in PDF format which enables the reading of the data on a device even if it does not have Office applications. For other types of data a pfile is created which contains the data and advises of the requested usage of the data but cannot enforce what is done with the data once opened.

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