Verizon Customers Can Now Text Over the Internet

Verizon Customers Can Now Text Over the Internet

I'm always in search of a good app that will allow me to text from my desktop. I've attempted to use many apps, but have never been completely satisfied. Even more recently, during my most successful attempt yet, I detailed how to use TextNow for Windows 8.1. TextNow is a good solution, with one caveat – you must generate a brand new TextNow supplied mobile number. The problem with this (and, it's not a big problem) is that you have to let everyone know about your TextNow number so they recognize that it's you texting them and not some lunatic stalker.

Released on Wednesday, Verizon has now gotten into the Internet-based texting game. The app works similar to what you'd expect. It has a nice clean interface, provides access to contacts, supports notifications, and of course, delivers and receives texts (including photos and videos) over your current Internet connection, bypassing the Verizon data service. But, here's where this gets good – in the case of this app, it utilizes your own Verizon-supplied mobile number. As a Verizon customer, your text messages are synched across devices.

The in-app options are limited, but useful. You can modify how notifications are delivered, setup AutoReply, and disconnect a device you've linked to the app.

The app is available for four platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Desktop, and on the web.

Verizon customers can read more about it on the official page: Verizon Messages

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