VBScript Function Handles Delimited Text Files' Data So You Don't Have To

If you often write scripts that use delimited text files for input, you know that virtually every delimited text file is unique in one fashion or another. As a result, each time you want to use a delimited text file to get data inside a script, you have to write a custom routine that puts the file's data into a format the script can use. To eliminate this time-consuming task, Jim Turner wrote the Multi_Dimension function. This VBScript function puts a delimited text file's data into a multidimensional array. Once in the array, the script can access the data by referencing rows and columns, as if it were a database. You can learn more about the Multi_Dimension function in the article "Function Creates Multidimensional Arrays from Delimited Text Files." This article is open to registered users through August 8. (Registration is free and simple if you're not already a registered user.) If you enjoy reading this article, you can get more of this type of content by becoming a Windows IT Pro VIP subscriber.

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