Using Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services Full Desktop Publishing

Using Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services Full Desktop Publishing

Q: How do I enable full desktop publishing using Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services?

A: Windows Server 2012 features a new scenario-based deployment capability that enables you to quickly enable VDI or session virtualization environments. When enabling a session virtualization environment, by default the configuration is in an application publishing mode, which is where specific applications such as Calculator, Paint and Wordpad are published to users instead of a complete desktop.

Windows Server 2012 doesn't allow a single Remote Desktop Session Host to publish applications. Enabling the publishing of a desktop instead of applications is actually a very simple process:

  1. Start Server Manager.
  2. Navigate to Remote Desktop Services, Collections, .
  3. In the RemoteApp programs area, select the Unpublish RemoteApp Programs task and unpublish ALL published applications.
  4. Once all applications are unpublished, the server will switch from RemoteApp Programs resources to Remote Desktop.
  5. Users will now see the option to connect to a desktop instead of specific applications.

The screen shot below shows the process and the change to the user experience.

Unpublish Remote App Programs Screen and Associate Screens

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