Using styles like a pro

  1. In the Styles and Formatting pane, click the drop-down arrow next to a style and click Modify.
  2. Use the Modify Style dialog box to:
    • Choose a Style for Following Paragraph to link to next style.
    • Assign a shortcut key by clicking the Format button and choosing Shortcut Key. Be sure to choose where you want to Save Changes in  before pressing the shortcut key. Most power users consolidate all keyboard shortcuts in their Normal template.
    • Select the Add to Template option if you want to update the style in the template. If the option is not selected, the style is updated in the document, only.
    If the Update Automatically option is selected, any formatting you apply to a span of text of that style will be applied to the style itself, so all other text of that style will be automatically changed. Unless you are expressly going to experiment with formatting to decide what you like best, we recommend that you do not select the Update Automatically option.
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