Using NNTP to Share Public Folders Between Exchange Organizations

In addition to letting you host USENET newsgroups, Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) lets you share public folder content with other Exchange organizations that don’t or can’t participate in normal public-folder replication. By creating the folders you want to share below the Internet Newsgroups public folder, you can specify that these folders will be part of a newsfeed. After you specify the folders, you can define a newsfeed between your server and any other Exchange server configured as an NNTP host.

This mechanism has a few drawbacks. For example, permissions aren’t replicated with the messages, so you need to carefully plan which folders to replicate and how to protect them on the other end of the feed. Also, you can’t replicate the system folders or any custom forms that you’ve developed. This setup isn’t a replacement for public folder replication, but it lets you share content.

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