Unannounced New Band 2 Feature: TrueType font rendering

Unannounced New Band 2 Feature: TrueType font rendering

Microsoft is rolling out an update to the Microsoft Health app right now. This update includes a firmware upgrade for the Microsoft Band 2 that brings new Asian language character support as well as an Auto-Pause function for the Run and Bike activities.  I’ve already covered the new features HERE and HERE.

But, there’s one new feature that didn’t make the official announcement and that Microsoft Band 2 now uses True Type font rendering.

In addition to being the primary enabler for the Asian language character support, The True Type font rendering capability means that the Band 2 now supports over 150 of the most common emoji and delivers expanded Latin character rendering. Now, don’t go crazy and think you can start using your Microsoft Band to flood a friend’s smartphone with emoji. The capability is there, but there’s nothing on the Band itself that takes advantage of sending emoji characters yet - only being able to render and display them onscreen when someone sends them to you. Who knows? With the support now in place, we could see the first emoji sending apps release in short order.

Additionally, remember this is initial support and only supports 150 of the most common emoji. Some of the more obscure emoji will still only display as boxed characters. The capability will expand in the future.

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