UK customers to get trade-up program for Microsoft Band v2

UK customers to get trade-up program for Microsoft Band v2

For the first time it seems that UK customers are getting something that US customers aren’t.

Microsoft is offering a trade-up program for wearable users in the UK. The trade-up program offers cashback allowances on a variety of fitness wearables including the Microsoft Band, Fitbit, and others. There are differences in trade-ins and also stipulations. For example, from the table below you can see that the cashback scenarios are limited by the original purchase price of the device.

There are also defined steps to accomplish the feat.

The steps are this:

  1. Pre-order Band v2.

  2. Submit an online trade-in claim within 14 days of Band v2 delivery. (incidentally, the online trade-up form won’t be available until November 19th)

  3. Send in your old Microsoft Band or other fitness wearable.

  4. Get paid sometime in 28 days of Microsoft validating your claim.

For more on this and access to the claim form when it becomes available, visit:  Microsoft Band 2 Trade-up

It's highly possible that Microsoft could formulate a similar program for US customers.

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