Twitter Launches Streaming Apps for Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Xbox

Twitter Launches Streaming Apps for Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Xbox

(Bloomberg) -- Twitter Inc. is making it easier to watch video from its live streaming partners with new applications for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox One.

The company is launching the apps in time for the first of 10 Thursday night National Football League games that Twitter is streaming. Twitter has struck similar deals to stream other sports, entertainment and news content alongside relevant tweets from its network -- all of which can be viewed on the applications.

It's a new effort by the company to repackage its content, seeking to draw users who may not already have Twitter accounts or follow events on the site in the form of 140-character commentary. The applications will also showcase popular tweets, as well as top videos on the company's live-streaming application, Periscope, and its short-video app, Vine. Twitter has been under pressure to address several quarters of stagnant user growth and slowing advertising sales growth.

``Anyone with these devices, regardless of whether they have a Twitter account or pay TV subscription, can enjoy this experience,'' Twitter said in a statement.

With deals like the one with the NFL, the company will be able to make a stronger case to advertisers for video promotions. Twitter is sharing video ad revenue with content providers.

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