Turn Your Microsoft Band into a Remote Control for Your Tesla

Turn Your Microsoft Band into a Remote Control for Your Tesla

OK. Not everyone owns, or will own, a Tesla Model S. But, this new app for the Microsoft Band shows more of what’s possible for integration with Microsoft’s fitness wearable.

A new app for Windows Mobile called Band for Tesla, supposedly turns the Microsoft Band into “a remote control for your Tesla Model S.” Granted, I won’t be testing this one out anytime soon, but apparently at least one person has. Two reviews from a single individual suggest that this app may be in some very early stages as it “can’t install tile” and “can’t find Band.” If the app author is serious about this app, I’m sure those issues will be fixed soon.

The app works for both Band v1 and v2 versions, and then offers both car environment information and also controls over some of the car’s functions.

Information collected and displayed:

  • Drive status (parked or driving)
  • Current speed (if driving)
  • Current location
  • Environmental control status (on or off) and inside temperature
  • Door status (locked or unlocked)
  • Charging status and time remaining to full charge

Controls available:

  • Lock/unlock doors
  • Environmental control on/off
  • Flash lights
  • Honk horn
  • Start car (without key)

Search the Windows Phone store for ‘Band for Tesla’ or just use this link: Band for Tesla

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