Troubleshooter--Web-Site Mail

I would like to have email functionality with my Web site and use Exchange for the mail-server service. Microsoft SQL Server 2000 has a per-processor model for unlimited Internet access. Does Exchange 2000 Server have something similar?

No, Exchange doesn't have a similar function. If all you want to do is have your Web application send mail, you can use Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) for Windows 2000 (cdosys.dll) to create messages that the Win2K's SMTP service will send. If you want to receive messages that clients can retrieve with Microsoft Outlook, a Web browser, POP3, or IMAP4, you'll probably find that the only way to legally do so with Exchange 2000 is to purchase a Client Access License (CAL) for each user. Ask your local Microsoft office for details about Microsoft's licensing policies.

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