Troubleshooter: Performance Monitor Error ID 1010

I'm receiving event ID 1010 from the Extensible Storage Engine 97 (ESE97) service on my Exchange Server 5.5 computer. The error message states that no performance data for ESE97 is available. What causes this problem, and how do I fix it?

The Microsoft article "INFO: Events for Performance Monitor Extensions"(;en-us;q22 6494) documents this problem. The error occurs when the performance-monitoring subsystem catches an error that occurs in a specific performance-monitoring DLL. Individual applications are free to add performance-counter DLLs, which the system-performance—analysis tools can use to watch application performance. When one of those DLLs fails, you receive error 1010.

In this case, the returned error value is 0, which signifies that the DLL didn't throw an exception or otherwise fail while running. The Microsoft article "INFO: Controlling the Disabling of Performance Monitor Extensions" (;en-us;q249138) explains that Windows can disable any performance-monitoring DLL that returns data in a bad format or otherwise misbehaves, and this behavior might be occurring in your situation. Finally, the Microsoft article "XCON: Perflib Module Reports That the Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes Performance Monitor Does Not Return Data on Windows 2000 Server" (;en-us;q253350) reports a similar problem with the Lotus Notes connector. In this situation, Microsoft suggests installing Exchange 5.5 Service Pack 4 (SP4), which might fix the similar (but probably unrelated) problem you're having.

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