Troubleshooter: ISA Server and Exchange 2000

How can I use Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000 with Exchange 2000?

ISA Server is Microsoft's entry into the network-security market. ISA Server is a good product, but it shares a key characteristic with most other security-related products: You must know what you're doing to set it up, or you'll end up with less security, not more. To get ISA Server working properly with Exchange 2000, one good place to start is Tom Shinder's tutorial at The Microsoft article "XCCC: How to Configure Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server and ISA Server to Allow Audio and Video" (;en-us;q303098) discusses how to set up ISA Server to allow Exchange Conferencing Server to work as well. Jeff Fellinge's Windows & .NET Magazine article "ISA Server: Your Network's Lifeguard,", InstantDoc ID 22251, presents an overview of ISA Server.

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