Troubleshooter: Changing Permissions for Message-Tracking Logs

Exchange 2000 Server automatically creates network shares for message-tracking logs. These shares are set to Everyone:Read and Administrators:Full Control by default. Can I change these permissions without breaking anything?

Yes, you can change the permissions on the network shares. By default, a standard Exchange 2000 installation will set the permissions to grant everyone read access to the message-tracking logs. However, you can set more restrictive permissions. If you disable and reenable message tracking, you need to reset the permissions to your desired values because reenabling message tracking will reinstate the default permissions. In addition, if you install Exchange 2000 in a cluster, the clustering setup will set the tracking log shares to Everyone:Full Control, so you'll want to adjust these permissions. If you change the permissions, make sure you reset the permissions after a failover; otherwise, the Exchange 2000 resource DLL will silently reapply the defaults.

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