Track changes

As you are reviewing and revising a document, you might want to keep track of the changes you are making.

To enable or disable Track Changes

Do one of the following:

  • Click the Track Changes button in the Reviewing toolbar.
  • Choose Tools → Track Changes. Track Changes button

While in Track Changes mode, revisions show up as markup in the document, as balloons in the right margin of the document, and in the Reviewing pane.

To manage the appearance of revisions

Do one of the following:

  • Choose an option from the Display for Review drop-down list on the Reviewing toolbar.

    Options that show Markup will display revisions.

  • Choose View ? Markup.
  • Click the Show button on the Reviewing toolbar and select what types of markup you want to display, and from which Reviewers. You can also decide whether you want to see the comments as balloons.
  • Click the Reviewing Pane button to expand (show) or collapse (hide) the reviewing pane. Reviewing Pane button

    The reviewing pane appears at the bottom of the window and shows you comments in a list form.

  • Click the Show button and choose Options. In the Track Changes dialog box, you can specify the formatting with which various revisions are displayed.

    Track Changes dialog box

To print or hide comments in a printed document:

  1. Choose File ? Print.
  2. Choose an option from the Print what list.
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