Track and Improve Your Golf Game with a New Microsoft Band Partnership

Track and Improve Your Golf Game with a New Microsoft Band Partnership

Microsoft today is announcing a brand new partnership with TaylorMade to bring some pretty significant capabilities to the Microsoft Band for those looking to track and improve their golf swing. TaylorMade, a subsidiary of the Adidas Group based in Carlsbad, California, is a manufacturer of golf clubs, bags and accessories.

Personally, I'm not a huge golfer. I think the last time I was on a golf course I spent most of the time trying to get the golf cart to peel-out in wet grass and perform my own personal Polo match with the golf cart as my horse and the 1-wood as my mallet. This from a guy who actually took golf as a class in college.

But, the new Microsoft Band capabilities should really excite those who take the game seriously. Coupled with TaylorMade's myRoundPro service (, golfers will be able to analyze the game in detail, including classic golf stats like proximity to the hole, strokes gained, scores, longest drive, pace of play, and others. And, using the band's fitness capabilities, golfers will be able to monitor heart rate, calorie burn, and distance travelled. And, per Microsoft myRoundPro will be updated soon to include even more important stats including fairways hit and greens in regulation.

Due to enhanced Microsoft Band sensor tuning, it will keep track of your score with its automatic shot detection and swipe interface to modify the score card.

This new capability is not only for Windows Phone, but will also work with iOS and Android as part of the Microsoft Health app. The update is not available yet, but promised very soon. The last time the band was updated was in April. When the golf capability becomes available, Microsoft will also add new golf-related guided workouts to build your strength and stamina for the game you love. These include:

  • 5-Minute Golf Warmup

  • Gold’s Gym Golf Workout

  • Beginner Golf Workout

  • Intermediate Golf Workout

  • Advanced Golf Workout

Also, as part of the pending update, new observations will be added to the Microsoft Health web dashboard to show new stats for biking and workouts.

Though already a stellar wearable, the Microsoft Band is steadily improving. As a fitness device that provides so much more, it's tough to compare anything else to it.

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