TiVo Brings DVR Software to the PC

Working with PC digital media solutions maker Nero, TiVo will bring its lauded digital video recording (DVR) solution to Windows-based computers in mid-October. The solution, awkwardly named Nero LiquidTV | TiVo PC, duplicates the functionality of TiVo's set-top boxes.

"Nero has done a superb job of bringing the TiVo experience to the PC," says TiVo CEO and president Tom Rogers. "To be able to extend the features of TiVo to a new platform without compromising the integrity of what has made TiVo such a revolutionary product is a significant achievement, one we know both new and old fans of TiVo will love."

Nero LiquidTV | TiVo PC will ship in two versions. A $199 package includes the PC software, a standard TiVo remote control, a remote transceiver, and a USB-based TV tuner. A less expensive software-only version will be available for $99.99. Both packages include one year of access to the TiVo service and customers will need to renew this subscription each year.

Nero LiquidTV | TiVo PC works almost exactly like its set-top cousin, but comes with its own unique PC-related functionality. For example, you can transcode recorded TV shows into formats that will work with popular portable devices like iPods, or burn them to DVD.

Of course, most Windows Vista-based PCs already include Microsoft's superior Media Center DVR solution, which also provided an elegant interface for enjoying other digital media content like digital photos, music, and video. But after several years of annual updates, Microsoft has scaled back Media Center development and this will be the second holiday season in a row where the software giant won't have an interesting new release for end users. TiVo's move to the PC at this time is thus auspicious, given the opening Microsoft is now providing.

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