Tip: Keeping Band Companion from Replacing Your New MeTile Background

Tip: Keeping Band Companion from Replacing Your New MeTile Background

For a few days I had an issue with the Microsoft Band MeTile. I'd use Pimp My Band to set the background successfully, glance down a while later, and my new, favorite background had been replaced with an older one. So, I'd jump back into Pimp My Band, configure it again, and the same thing would happen over and over. Surely, someone was playing a practical joke. Was it a quirk with the Microsoft Band – or something else?

It was something else.

Apparently Band Companion was the one playing the joke on me.

Band Companion has an option to stick battery percentage status directly on the MeTile. It's a useful feature I hope Microsoft adds as a default in the future.

Band Companion does this by modifying your existing background and storing it somewhere on your smartphone. Periodically (I'm not sure what the cadence is), Band Companion does its own sync with the Microsoft Band to retrieve battery history statistics. Whatever background it stored since you last enabled the battery indicator, it replaces whatever currently exists. If you haven't updated the background, no problem. But, if you've updated the background (which I do constantly), Band Companion will overwrite it with what it has stored.

So, a tip. If you change your MeTile background often and you use Band Companion, always remember to go back into the app and disable and reenable the feature so that it stores your currently chosen MeTile background. That way, when Band Companion syncs to retrieve stats, it won't overwrite your background and make you think you're crazy.

P.S. Here's my favorite new MeTile background...

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