Tip: How to Get Your Microsoft Band v2 Before Most Everyone

Tip: How to Get Your Microsoft Band v2 Before Most Everyone

I’m champing at the bit to get my Microsoft Band v2 strapped to my wrist. However, even though Microsoft announced the updated fitness device this week, it doesn’t start shipping until October 30th.

You can pre-order today from the Microsoft Store, Best Buy, or Amazon.com. However, since the units don’t actually start shipping until October 30th, that means they won’t start arriving for a few days after. Even BestBuy.com says that the full release date (i.e., when they’ll be available in stores) won’t happen until Friday, November 6th.

However, if you’re an Amazon Prime member (and why not?), if you pre-order from Amazon you’re entitled to free Prime shipping – which means some could have Band v2 in their hands the next day and some two days after (depending on how close the shipping facility is to your location and if Amazon intelligently leaves USPS out of the list of applicable carriers).

I’d act fast, though. Amazon denotes that Prime members will get free prime shipping when the unit is in stock. If pre-orders reach overcapacity, there could be a delay.

Here’s the direct links:

Microsoft Band 2 - Small

Microsoft Band 2 – Medium

Microsoft Band 2 – Large

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