TechEd 2013 Announcements

TechEd 2013 Round-up, Windows IT Pro Style

Here, we've put together a quick resource of the things you might have missed about TechEd 2013 in New Orleans. 

Prior to TechEd 2013 North America, we produced a lot of content to get you ready for the event, providing tips and tricks and even how to use the Microsoft Download site as a makeshift crystal ball to guess what Microsoft would announce at the event. Many of you caught a lot of what we wrote about, but it's much harder to follow the coverage when you're actually at the event trying to participate in sessions, the expo, and the Microsoft Surface purchase line. So, we wanted to put together a quick resource on the things you might have missed so you're completely up-to-date on the many announcements from TechEd 2013 in New Orleans:

Cloud OS v. Next -At its annual TechEd confab in New Orleans this June, Microsoft will announce a sweeping set of updates to its on-premises servers and cloud-hosted services that provides our first peek at the firm’s plans to service these products going forward.

The TechEd 2013 North America Keynote Blows it Out -Brad Anderson was on hand delivering his first TechEd keynote and he really provided an enormously famous kick-off.

BYOx: Bring Your Own Anything Announced at TechEd 2013 - It was subtle, but if you listened to Brad Anderson's keynote at TechEd 2013 you might have caught a reference to a revamped acronym: BYO....

TechEd 2013: Microsoft Details Cloud-First Strategy for the Enterprise -  At what might arguably be called the most energetic and captivating TechEd keynote in many years, Microsoft corporate vice president Brad Anderson and a bevy of fellow executives made the collective case for the firm’s transition to devices and services.

Microsoft Makes Its Case for Windows 8.1 in Business - At this year’s TechEd show, Microsoft has actually made a reasonable case for Windows 8.1 in business.

Congratulations to Our Best of TechEd 2013 Winners! - At Microsoft TechEd 2013, our editors honored this year's Best of TechEd Award winners. We want to express some extra gratitude to Microsoft and all its partners, who have made this 10-year-old program possible.

Truth in IT: Accelerated Release Cycles will Nudge Companies to the Microsoft - Doing some digging here at TechEd, I’ve uncovered a bit of knowledge I’d like to pass on.

Has PRISM Shaken Your Trust in the Cloud? - Microsoft left TechEd with a full tank of gas and dreams of glory, only to be dashed by a single report over unfettered access, by the U.S. government, to the accumulating personal data of every American citizen.

The Future of Mobile Device Management - My big takeaway from TechEd this year is that everything is changing; the sheer amount of information that Microsoft communicated about its upcoming products and services is almost overwhelming.

Crazy Eddie or just Crazy: Microsoft Surface Sales at TechEd 2013 -The extraordinary long lines to purchase a Surface created an issue I’m not sure anyone foresaw, or maybe even still isn’t realized by some.

HP is Microsoft's Virtualization Partner of the Year. Here's why. - It was my extreme pleasure to sit down with Paul Gavin, Senior Product Manager for HP, for an interview during TechEd 2013. I was curious to hear why HP was chosen for the award, half-thinking like many of you, that it was nothing more than a marketing medal. My 20 minute conversation with Paul changed my perspective.

Windows 8.1 and Open MDM - Open MDM is interesting in that it removes the Microsoft-centric restrictions for managing devices running Windows 8.1.

Microsoft's Vision for the Replaceable PC -Looking again at some forward-leaning TechEd 2013 content, this week I’ll examine Microsoft’s vision for the "replaceable PC."


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