TechEd 2009 Giveaways: IT Training

Free Server 2008 Active Directory, Exchange 2007, and SharePoint 2007 training courses

If you're attending TechEd this year, it's a good sign that you and your organization understand the value of continuing education, even in a rough economic climate. Similarly, you probably know to the value of employee training during these tough times.

This TechEd, Train Signal is offering 2,200 IT training course giveaways. While you're not guaranteed to win something, the odds are pretty decent, so why not give it a try? Train Signal will be exhibiting at booth #244 and #246. You can also view video training courses at the booths, if you have a bit of extra time.

The giveaways will be broken up into three days:

  • Monday and Tuesday: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Training
  • Tuesday: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Training
  • Wednesday: Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Training
To learn more about Train Signal's products, visit

For more information on TechEd 2009:

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