Take Heart--You're Recession-Proof!

Network admins and sys admins make top 10 list of most sought-after employees


Network and systems administrators have weathered the stormy economy better than people in other occupations so far. In fact, your occupation is ranked in the top 10 recession-proof occupations, according to the career site Jobfox. The ranking is based on a random sample of more than 4,000 U.S. job openings posted on Jobfox over the past six months.  

"During this critical period of economic slowdown, these are the professionals who have been least affected by six consecutive months of job losses in the United States," said Rob McGovern, the CEO of Jobfox. (The site didn't bother to rank editors of technology publications because we skew the statistics—whether officially employed or not, wherever we see a typo or misplaced apostrophe, we're there, red pen at the ready.)

         Here's the list of the top 10 most recession-proof jobs:

1.    Sales Representative/Business Development
2.    Software Design/Development
3.    Nursing
4.    Accounting & Finance Executive
5.    Accounting Staff
6.    Networking/Systems Administration
7.    Administrative Assistant
8.    Business Analysis: Software Implementation
9.    Business Analysis: Research
10.  Finance Staff

 In addition, the report from Jobfox says, "The technology sector has the most recession-busting professions in the Top 20, including Testing/Quality Assurance, Database Administration and Technology Executive."

To see more, go to www.jobfox.com..

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