Tablet PC - 14 Sep 2004

Last year, Tablet PCs weren't even on most people's radar, but this year they're growing in popularity, prompting a new award in this year's Readers' Choice awards. And the winner for the Best Tablet PC is Toshiba's Portégé M205-S810, which garnered nearly a third of the votes.

The Portégé M205-S810 works as an everyday notebook computer but includes an innovative display that rotates and folds back for convenient information viewing and sharing and offers a choice of data-input modes such as typing, writing, or speech. The Portégé M205-S810 features a dual axis accelerometer that lets you manually tilt the tablet up or down for scroll-type functionality. It also boasts a 1.5GHz Pentium M processor, 512MB of Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM, a 60GB hard disk, a USB DVD/CD-RW combo drive, a 12.1" Super Extended Graphics Array (SXGA) screen, and 802.11g wireless connectivity.

2nd Place — Gateway M275 Series
3rd Place — Acer TravelMate C300
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