Symantec Offers Agentless Disaster Recovery

Symantec announced Veritas CommandCentral Disaster Recovery Advisor 5.1 today

Do you test your disaster recovery system often enough? Sean Derrington, director of storage management and high availability for Symantec said most companies don't, because they're disruptive to customers, operation, and revenues. He also said about one third of disaster recovery tests, when they happen, fail.

Symantec's Veritas CommandCentral Disaster Recovery Advisor tests high availability and disaster recovery systems without disrupting business. The software runs on hardware of its own—unlike some solutions, you don't have to install it on each server that you want to monitor.

The advisor is installed onsite, a process that Derrington said would take less than three hours. Within the next day, it scans the site on its own and creates a report on the status of disaster recovery on the network.

The advisor supports VMware virtualization and will support other virtualization solutions in the future. The advisor is continually updated and support is planned for upcoming OSs such as Windows Server 2008 R2.

For more on the advisor, including information about a free assessment, visit Symantec's site.

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