Swedish Company Plans Continuum for Android Smartphones

Swedish Company Plans Continuum for Android Smartphones

Launching as an Indiegogo campaign, the hope is to infuse a Continuum-type of model into a new smartphone, called Symetium. Entrepreneur, Jonathan Gustafsson, is attempting to turn his idea of a PC-in-your-pocket into reality.

"With Symetium, I want to go past mobile operating systems and join the two together. It is time for phones to stop being phones as they are much more than that and have been for years," says Gustafsson.

The idea is to build a smartphone that can hook up to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse and instantly become a PC.

Sound familiar? It should.

Microsoft has been planning to release its own Windows 10 Mobile hardware this year that provides the same functionality. This isn’t the only time recently that the software company has experienced copycat technology. Lenovo, HP, and others are working on Surface Pro tablet clones. Even Apple’s upcoming iPad Pro has been viewed as a Surface Pro family member.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Proposed Symetium specs:

  • Up to 256GB Storage

  • 6GB RAM

  • Snapdragon 820

  • 1080p OLED Screen

  • Stereo Speakers

  • 24MP Camera

  • IP 67 dust and waterproof certification

  • USB type C connection for connecting to an external HDMI supported display

The OS is being built from the ground-up and based on Android Marshmallow. The targeted funding goal is $1.25 million for production.

The Indiegogo campaign hasn’t officially started yet, but you can find it here: Symetium

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