Surprise: PC Shipments Up Significantly

Market research firm IDC provided some good news for economy watchers this week, announcing that PC sales will grow more than 11 percent in 2003--to 152 million desktops. That figure is up significantly from the 8 percent growth prediction the company made in September and, in my mind, shows you how useless analysts and researchers can be. Still, it's good to see PC sales rising significantly again and, perhaps more important, if the figures hold, this year's PC sales will be best in history, beating out 2000's record of 140 million PCs. Even business-computing spending is up, a development that surprised IDC. (What doesn't? The company has revised its PC sales figures at least three times this year.) Naturally, IDC raised its sales predictions for 2004 as well; expect that prediction to change again within a few months.

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