Surface Pro 3 Battery-gate Follow-up

Surface Pro 3 Battery-gate Follow-up

According to recent reports, certain models of Surface Pro 3’s are experiencing severe battery degradation. Essentially, the affected units aren’t getting a full charge – and over time that amount of charge the batteries can contain keeps getting smaller and smaller. Full story HERE.

Since many of those reporting the issue have also been complaining that Microsoft has yet to comment on the problem, I reached out to Microsoft to a) make sure they are aware, and b) see what plans the company has to solve customer pains.

Microsoft has responded with the following…

“We are aware of some customers reporting a scenario with their Surface Pro 3 batteries in which the system is reporting lower battery capacity than expected. This is a top priority for our team, and we are working quickly to understand the root cause. If you are experiencing this scenario, please contact Microsoft customer support.” –Microsoft spokesperson

I see this constantly where customers would sometimes rather find a forum online somewhere to vent to like-minded people and forgo reaching out directly to customer service. Even Microsoft’s own web-based forums are often overlooked by customer service – so the best route to take is to make sure to report your issue with the company’s support organization. By doing this, the right people become aware and are able to better track an issue’s growing dominance through support telemetry.

That said…it seems Microsoft is at least aware of the situation and my guess is that we’ll see more public stance (and potential fix) sometime soon.

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