Surface Pro 2 Price Drop Begins

Surface Pro 2 Price Drop Begins

But is it time to buy?

As you might expect given the pending arrival of the first Surface Pro 3 orders, Microsoft has begun lowering the price of its predecessor, Surface Pro 2. So if you were on the fence about that device and don't mind its smaller screen and bulkier body, you may be able to find a deal.

To be clear, Surface Pro 2 isn't being made anymore: Surface Pro 3 is its replacement, and when Surface Pro 2 supply runs out, it's gone for good.

Looking at the Microsoft Store today, you can see that the first round of price cuts provides savings of $100 to $200, depending on the Surface Pro 2 model. Actually, you'll have to do more than look, you'll need to search: Surface Pro 3, suddenly, has replaced Pro 2 on the site. So here's a direct link.

The new pricing breaks down like so:

Surface Pro 2 64 GB: $799, was previously $899 (a savings of $100)

Surface Pro 2 128 GB: $899, was previously $999 (a savings of $100)

Surface Pro 2 256 GB: $1099, was previously $1299 (a savings of $200)

Surface Pro 2 512 GB: $1599, was previously $1799 (a savings of $200)

To put these in perspective with Surface Pro 3 pricing, an i5-based Surface Pro 3 with 128 GB of storage (which is roughly equivalent to the Surface Pro 2 128 GB) is $999. In my opinion, that is a better machine than the Surface Pro 2, and one that easily justifies the $100 premium.

But here's the thing. These prices will continue to drop, as they did before when previous Surface device transitions occurred. The only issue is supply: If you wait longer, a better deal will no doubt appear. But if you wait too long, the exact machine you want may disappear.

Long story short, the $100 savings on the mainstream Surface Pro 2 machines we see today aren't necessarily a great deal. So my advice is to wait. Or just get a Surface Pro 3.

To learn more about these discounted Surface Pro 2 machines, be sure to check out my Surface Pro 2 Review and Microsoft Surface 2: The Complete Guide.

I've got you covered with Surface Pro 3 as well, of course: Please read Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review and Complete Guide to Surface Pro 3 for more info.

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