Surface 3 Gets an August Firmware Update

Surface 3 Gets an August Firmware Update

Owners of Microsoft’s more reasonably priced tablet, the Surface 3, are getting a surprise update today. Delivered overnight and labeled with an 8/8/2016 date stamp, the silent delivery of this update is just as silent as Microsoft is about what’s in it.

We’ve regularly been introduced to updates that come with no explanation, with Microsoft expecting. Microsoft seems to think that we’ll just succumb to these updates without question and become desensitized enough not to care. But, that’s not the case, because the software company has yet to deliver a perfect update and any hint of updates puts companies and consumers on high alert that something will be broken in the aftermath. Take, for example, the company’s recent deliver of Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Microsoft’s web-based support sites are burgeoning with threads of complaints of problems.

Some are reporting that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for the Surface 3 is finally showing up today. It's possible that this firmware update simply contains fixes to allow the big update to work correctly.

Let’s hope this Surface 3 firmware will only fix things and not introduce additional issues. Of course, how will we ever know until it’s too late?

The Surface 3 history page hasn’t been updated yet.

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