Surface 2 by the Numbers

Surface 2 by the Numbers

Almost everything is better

Microsoft launched its Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 devices as expected on Monday. And while there are many discussions to be had around these products, let's look at some of the numbers that Panos Panay tossed out during the announcement presentation.

Number 1. While it's not clear what this means exactly—one might snidely argue that Surface Pro is in a class by itself—Panay said that the Surface Pro is the "best selling device in its class." "It's number one," he said. "It's blown the doors off our expectations without a doubt."

46 percent. The screen in the Surface Pro 2 features 46 percent better color accuracy than its predecessor. "For pros, this is very important," he said.

95 percent. The Surface Pro 2 is "faster than 95 percent of all laptops in the market today," Panos claimed, launching into a joke about the too-common MacBooks he saw in the tech press crowd.

50 percent. Surface Pro 2 provides a 50 percent boost in graphics performance over the original Surface Pro. "It was fast before," Panay said. "But it's lightning-fast now."

2. The number of kickstand positions on Surface 2 and Pro 2, compared to one for the original lineup.

75 percent. Surface Pro offers up to 7 hours of battery life, which is a 75 percent improvement over the battery life of the original Surface Pro.

2.5. Add a Power Cover and the Surface Pro 2 offers 2.5 times the battery life of just the original Surface Pro. It's hard to know what this means, but if the 75 percent figure is correct, that's a total of over 13 hours of battery life. But looking at more realistic numbers, I suspect it's really over 10 hours.

3840 x 2160. The maximum resolution supported by an external monitor attached to the Surface Pro 2 in a Surface Docking Station.

4. The number of colors that the Type Cover 2 is available in: Purple, pink, blue and black.

1. The number of colors that the Power Cover is available in: Black.

1.5. The key travel on the new Type Cover 2 is 1.5 mm, about 1 mm less than the original Type Cover, with a faster throw, offering better typing performance. It's also silent: No more clacking.

3-4. The Surface 2 offers an overall performance boost of 3-4 times when compared to the original Surface RT.

25. Battery life on Surface 2 is 25 percent better than that of the Surface RT, or a bit over 12 hours.

100,000. There are over 100,000 apps in the Windows Store now, compared to 10,000 at the Windows 8 launch last year.

200. Customers who purchase a Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 will receive 200 GB of additional SkyDrive storage for two years, for free.

1092. The Touch Cover 2 features 1092 touch sensors, compared to just 80 on the original Touch Cover. "It's a high-res sensor," Panay noted, "with no more dropped keys. You cannot miss a key."

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