Sunrise to Sunset: The Calendar App to Disappear

Sunrise to Sunset: The Calendar App to Disappear

Back in October 2015, when Microsoft Office's mobile apps began to benefit from the acquisition of the Sunrise calendar app and the team behind it, Javier Soltero had said the Sunrise app would eventually be discontinued once its best features were integrated into the Outlook apps.

That date is drawing nigh: In a few days, Sunrise will be yanked from app stores and by August 31, 2016, it'll be permanently shut down and will stop working altogether.

The Sunrise team explained in a blog post:

We’re not able to support and update Sunrise anymore. No new features. No bug fixes. For us, that’s the definition of a lousy app and it’s not a user experience we want to leave you with. For this reason, we’ll be removing Sunrise from the app stores in the next few days. On August 31st, we’ll officially shut down the app and it will stop working all together.

The features that made Sunrise so beloved live on, however, in Outlook. Back in October 2015, the newly-acquired Sunrise team made over the Outlook app for iOS and Android, adding "a clean, refined new look that puts your email, calendar, people and files front and center." The Office team announcement had also 

And in April of 2016, when the Office team announced Calendar Apps for iOs and Android, the Sunrise team was name-checked again, credited for pulling a two-week mini-calendar, three-day view and iOS calendar widget into Outlook as well as driving the bus on Calendar Apps for "a single, powerful app for managing your personal and professional life."

As for you Sunrise holdouts, as of now there is currently no explanation for how you'll be able to download your user information in a format that will let you import everything into a new calendaring app, nor is there really a full explanation for what it means when Sunrise will "stop working all together." Stay tuned to see what transitional tools, if any, are coming for you.

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