Sun Lowers Costs to Woo IIS Customers

In a bid to take advantage of the recent Microsoft product-security scares, Sun Microsystems has lowered the price of its iPlanet Web Server by 37 percent. The company hopes that Microsoft IIS customers who are worried about constant security breaches will move to the Sun platform, and Sun will provide additional tools to ease the process. The price reduction cuts the cost of iPlanet from $1495 per processor to $940 per processor for any customer moving from a competing platform.

"We've received overwhelming customer demand for a program that offers companies a quick, easy way to migrate to \[the\] iPlanet Web Server so they can reduce their \[concerns\] about the growing list of new security vulnerabilities," said Sun Vice President and General Manager Joe Keller, who contrasted the security in iPlanet with that in IIS. "iPlanet takes product design issues very seriously, and security is a top priority for all the products in the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) portfolio."

The Sun initiative includes a set of migration guides designed to help simplify the transition to iPlanet Web Server and free Sun Chili!Soft Active Server Pages (ASP) software that lets customers run unmodified Microsoft ASP code on the iPlanet Web Server.

IIS has come under attack recently because of several high-profile security vulnerabilities, and a Gartner report eventually recommended that IIS customers abandon the platform. Microsoft responded by extensively revamping the way it approaches security and promised to ship the next version of IIS in a more secure, locked-down mode. Regardless of the uncertainty, Sun's ability to pick up any Microsoft customers remains to be seen; most former IIS users would more likely switch to the market-leading Apache Web server, which also runs on a variety of platforms, including Windows and Linux.

The Sun/iPlanet price reduction is available through March 2002. For more information, visit the iPlanet Web site.

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