Suite Vendor Major Product Line

TABLE 1: Suite Vendor Major Product Line






Windows NT

Windows NT, AIX, AS/400, MVS, OS/2

Windows NT, UNIX, NetWare, others

Windows NT, UNIX (Netscape FastTrack also on Windows 95)



SQL Server 6.5 (Access, FoxPro)

Lotus Approach, DB2 Database Server (for NT, AIX, OS/2), DB2 2.1.2 (for NT, AIX, OS/2, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, SCO, Sinex, Win95), DB2 Parallel Edition(DB2 PE), DB2 for OS/400, MVS, VM/VSE, IMS

Oracle7, Personal Oracle7, Oracle7 Lite, Rdb7, (Universal Server/Oracle8)

Informix or Oracle Workgroup Servers bundled with LiveWire Pro and Netscape SuiteSpot. Links to others via LiveWire Pro



Netwise's TransAccess technology will be embedded in SQL97 and Transaction Service. Network Managers's technology in SMS, Viper

DataPropagator, DataJoiner, DataHub (not NT), DRDA, DataGuide, Lotus NotesPump

Oracle Open Gateways, Oracle Objects for OLE



SQL Server plus Microsoft Alliance for Data Warehousing

DB2 Database Server and Visual Warehouse

Oracle Server plus Warehouse Technology Initiative (WTI) Oracle




Intelligent Miner and Intelligent Decision Server(NT versions due Q197)

Express 6.0 and ROLAP option, Oracle Express Objects, Oracle Express Analyzer, Oracle Financial Analyzer, Oracle Sales Analyzer


Vertical Applications


Applications supported by DB2 common server include those from SAP, BAAN, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft

Oracle Applications 10SC (Oracle Financials, Supply Chain, HR, Manufacturing, Project Mgmt., Marketing& Sales, Oracle Applications for the Web(Web Employee, Web Supplier, Web Customer)

Via AppFoundry partners, plug-ins


Document Manager



Some in InterOffice

Catalog Server 1.0

Email/ Workflow  

Exchange 4.0a (4.5 due Q496)

Lotus Domino 4.5 Web Server

InterOffice 4.0 (beta)

Collabra 2.2, Netscape Mail Server 2.0 (Messaging Server 3.0 due Q197), News Server 2.0+E14


Enterprise Email

Exchange 4.5 will support POP3, LDAP, messagestore of 16TB

Lotus Domino, PROFS, OfficeVision, and SoftSwitch


Collabra Server 3.0, Q197


Schedule/ Calendar


Lotus Domino and OfficeVision


Collabra 2.2 (Collabra Server 3.0,Q197)



Electronic Forms Designer (EFD) and Outlook in Exchange, Outlook in Office 97, Forms3 in VisualBasic 5 (VB5), and Visual J++

Lotus Domino

Developer 2000 2.0, due Q197, will include Oracle Web Forms applet

Collabra 2.2 (Collabra Server 3.0,Q197)


Query/ Report Tools

Excel and MSQuery or Visual Basic for Access (VBA), Access, VB Crystal Reports

Lotus Approach

Discoverer 3.0 due Q197

LiveWire Pro includes Crystal Reports


Interapplication Messaging

Falcon (store and forward messaging queue, Q197)


Host Connectivity  

SNA Server 3.0 (includes host print services, integrated login) due within 60 days of NT Server 4.0

IBM Communications Server (NT version due Q496/Q197)

Oracle Gateway products

Through LiveWire Pro






Directory/ Security Services  

Exchange 4.5 will support LDAP

IBM Directory and Security Server (NT Q496/Q197 with X.500 and LDAP)

Some database-specific features via Oracle7 Secure Network Services, Advanced Networking Option

Netscape Directory Server (Q197), Netscape Certificate Server (Q197) will be new servers in SuiteSpot 3.0

Systems Management Server  

SMS 2.0 (will interoperate with CA-Unicenter, HP OpenView)

Tivoli Management Server (will incorporate current Systems Management Server/SystemView and TME 10, NT version due Q197)

Database-specific Oracle Enterprise Manager

Transaction Server  

Transaction Service (Q197)

IBM Transaction Server (CICS/Encina, NT Q496/Q197)


Netscape LivePayment Server

Web Server  

Internet Information Server (IIS) 3.0. ActiveX scripting server (Denali), Q496

IBM Internet Connection Server, Lotus Domino Server

Oracle WebServer 2.1 (3.0 beta)

Netscape Enterprise Server 2.0, FastTrack Server, SuiteSpot


Internet Gateways, Middleware

Internet Database Connector (IDC), Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), Distributed Relational Database Architecture (RDA) in SNA Server

Net.Data (for NT, AIX, OS/2), CICS WWW, DB2 WWW Connection (for MVS), InterNotes, Lotus Messaging Transfer Agents (MTAs)

InterOffice Web Cartridge, Oracle Objects for OLE 2.0, Oracle Mobile Agents

ODBC and native drivers in LiveWire Pro


Proxy Server

Proxy Server (Q496)

Built into ICS, ICS Secure


Netscape Proxy Server 2.0 (3.0 will support replication)


Commerce Server

Merchant Server (Q496), Commercial Internet System(CIS) (including vertical apps, such as publishing and intranet site support for commercial sites, Q496)

CommercePOINT family: Net.Commerce, World Avenue online mall, and World Commerce (commercial merchant site). Links via World Distributor, World Purchasing. EC via Net.Commerce Payment and World Registry public key infrastructure. Will include IBM private label of DeltaPoint QuickSite

Apollo (beta Q197)

Netscape Servers with LivePayment and Netscape Commercial Applications (Merchant System, Publishing System, Commerce System)


Home Banking

Over 30 banks using Money 97

Partnerships announced with leading retail banks


News Server

CIS, client news readers built into IE 3.0, Exchange 4.5

Lotus Newsstand on the Web, infoSage


Netscape News Server 2.0 (3.0 will include Collabra technology). Also Publishing System for subscription-based publications


Search Engine

Microsoft Index Server 1.1

infoMarket (pay for content), Lotus Notes, Search Manager, Query By Image Content (QBIC), DB2 Multimedia Extenders

Oracle ConText 1.1

Netscape Catalog Server 1.0 for site content. Netscape EnterpriseServer has Verity engine and OpenText 6 bundled with Commerce Server


Text Summarizer

(Autosummarization in Word 97)

infoMarket returns summaries of for-fee info on Cryptolope envelope

Oracle ConText 1.1


Antivirus Online


IBM AntiVirusIBM Global Network (IGN)


Media Server

"Tiger" video server (Phase one will support streaming video, Q496)


Oracle Video Server or Internets (due 1997), Set-top Alliance


Internet DataConferencing

NetMeeting 2.0 (Q496) with full H.323 support


Internet Audio/ Videoconferencing

NetShow streaming multimedia for ActiveMovie (Q496)

Point-to-point conferencing

Oracle7 Video Option, partnering with Intel

CoolTalk audio conferencing in Navigator







DirectX, SoftImage, Wang's imaging technology in Windows 95/NT

ImagePlus, FlowMark, IBM Digital Library, DB2 Extenders (text, image, video, audio, fingerprint now; others including mapping under development)

Oracle Spatial Option/ESRI



IBM/Network Computing Devices Network Station

Network Computer (NC)

Navio Communications

Object Model


OpenDoc, ActiveX/COM, Java Beans, SOM, DSOM

ActiveX/COM, Java Beans

Netscape ONE


ActiveX controls, applets

LiveObjects, Lotus Components, applets, ActiveX controls, Netscape add-ins

Oracle Power Objects, ActiveX controls, applets

Plug-ins, applets, ActiveX controls via third-party NCompass

Distributed Objects



IIOP in OracleServer 3.0, DCOM



Planned for Exchange 4.5

Planned for Directory and Security Server

Planned for Oracle WebServer 3.0

Planned for Netscape Directory Server

SSL, Encryption

RSA built into OS, SET in Merchant Server

RSA, SET built into Cryptolope, Net.Commerce, Secure Internet Connection Server, Lotus Notes. Domino 1.5 will support SSL 3.0

RSA, SSL in WebServer, PowerBrowser

SSL in Netscape LivePayment, SET support coming

SET (Secure Electronic Transaction)

Planned for Merchant Server

Available in CommercePOINT packages

In Oracle/ VeriFone payments cartridge (under development)

SET support coming in LivePayment


Visual C++, VB, Visual J++, Visual FoxPro, Fortran PowerStation

VisualAge for Java C++, Smalltalk, Basic, COBOL, Ada, Fortran

PL/SQL, Programmer/2000

Other Developer Tools

Access, FrontPage, dbWeb, Internet Studio

Lotus Domino Web Publisher and forthcoming Domino Action turnkey site development in Domino 4.5, Lotus Approach, Intelligent Decision Server (IDS for DSS application development). Also, eval. copy of third-party NetObjects's Fusion bundled with DB2, Delta Point QuickSite included with CommercePoint, Ultimedia, Lotus Phone Notes

Designer/2000 1.3A, Developer/2000 1.3.2, Oracle PowerObjects 2.0, Sedona (alpha), Oracle Media Objects, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports. Oracle Net Solutions bundle: OracleLite, Developer/2000, Designer/2000

LiveWire Pro, Netscape FastTrack Server, LiveConnect/ Plug-In SDK 3.0, NetObjects to be bundled with Netscape Enterprise Server 3.0

Scripting Language

Visual Basic Script (VBScript), VBA, JavaScript, "Denali"

LotusScript, JavaScript

Oracle BASIC, JavaScript, Visual Basic Script

JavaScript, LiveConnect script

Testing Tools

Visual Test (acquired by Rational Software 10/96)

Built into SDKs

Source Code Manager

Visual SourceSafe 4.0


Planned for Sedona

Developer Program

Microsoft Developer


DevEdge (12,000 members as of October 1996)


Network (MSDN), TechNet, and Site Builder Network TechEd, Primary DomainControllers (PDCs)

Lotus Domino Developer Conference IBM Technical Exchange, Lotusphere, DevCons

Oracle OpenWorld, DevCons

Netscape Developers Conference

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